A Girl Named Zippy [Three Things Thursday]

Today I am introducing a new feature designed to highlight those books I read before I was blogging regularly. There are a lot of books I read (even as recently as 2009) that I just never featured on my books. my life. I want to change this. But I’m human and I can’t do a whole review of a book I read a few years ago. So I’m just going to tell you three things (because I like alliteration) about each book.

A Girl Named Zippy

I’m kicking off this feature with Haven Kimmel’s A Girl Named Zippy. And these are my Three Things:

1. This book came highly recommend by Emily of Books, the Universe & Everything. I will pretty much read anything she says is good.

2. This book is about a normal little girl growing up in a small town. It’s a lot like what I think my memoirs would be like if I could write like Haven Kimmel. Just a bunch of memories.

3. A lot of memoirs are heartbreaking. They are often sad stories about the author overcoming some kind of adversity. Sure, Zippy had some bad times just like the rest of us but for the most part this is the story of a happy childhood. I found this very refreshing.

11 thoughts on “A Girl Named Zippy [Three Things Thursday]

  1. Twitter: brokeandbookish
    I love this idea! I just might have to steal it (with credit to you of course! :P). I have so many great books I read prior to blogging this past June and I totally would want to share them/be a book pusher and make people read them. 😛

    Anywho, I’ve been wanting to read this one! I tend to read really MESSED UP memoirs and I thought this one sounded different and it would be nice to read somebody who had a normal childhood — good things and bad things. I have a feeling I’d relate a lot to this one!

    Thanks for sharingn! I love this 🙂

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  3. i love this idea! i may start to do this as well. i also love A Girl Named Zippy, have you read the follow up book She Got Up Off the Couch? It’s just as amusing.

  4. This is a brilliant idea! Some of my favourite books I’ve read before I started blogging so I never talked about them. I’m looking forward to seeing more books from your pre-blog years.

  5. Twitter: chowmeyow
    I love this idea too! I might need to steal it (with credit, of course) for my regular reviews. When I don’t have much time or energy, a big review always daunts me. This could be a manageable format for new reviews!

    Also, I love that your first Three Things Thursday was Zippy. 🙂

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