About Me


Hi. I’m Michelle. This is my blog. It’s existed in some incarnation since 2007. It is primarily a book blog. I read books and tell you what I think about them. But, as my life has changed, the blog has changed and it now includes many posts that don’t have anything to do with books at all.

As of 2014, my blog roughly follows this schedule:






Sunday Salon – a chatty post about what is going on that week

Book Review – a somewhat formal review of a book

Wordless Wednesday – a photo post

Book Review – a somewhat formal review of a book

Health Post – a discussion about something health-related (e.g., running, food, ballet)

By day, I am an employment lawyer. By night I am mom to an energetic toddler.  I live in Florida but I will always be a Michigander at heart. I love music, filling up my dvr and netflix queue with shows I have no time to watch, traveling, daydreaming about everything I want to do around my house, and taking pictures of the world around me.

You can see more about my roles as a readerdancerrunner, and mom on their respective pages.