A Setback [Fitness Friday]

Well, this post WAS going to be out how I ran the Irongirl 5k over the Clearwater Memorial Causeway on Sunday. And how, despite this bridge (we Floridian runners don’t generally encounter anything resembling a hill), I still had my best 5k time since Evan was born at 32:19.

But now this post is going to be about how I can’t run anymore. I am so close to getting my 5k time back under 30 minutes. I could probably even get a PR on a flat course at this point. But now I’m benched.

When we were in DC, I did a hash with my cousin. During the 3.5-mile craziness that was that run, my foot started hurting. By the end, I was barely keeping up. Yet I continued to walk on it A LOT that weekend – for a total of 22 miles between Saturday and Sunday. I was in quite a bit of pain by the time we got on our flight home.

But then it felt better the next day. And even better the day after that. I went to yoga. I went to ballet. But I didn’t run.

Then I ran my race on Sunday. And 1/4 mile in, my foot was hurting again. And this time it was even worse.

So I saw my podiatrist on Monday. Yep, I already had a podiatrist. This is what happens when you turn 30 – you gain all kinds of specialists to treat your aches and pains. And he says I’m injured, can’t run, and should probably start investing in some granny shoes. There was a lot of inflammation and the bones in my foot are basically jamming into each other (you’re supposed to have space between your bones with some nice cushion-y cartilage – I don’t). But the worst part is he says he sees some early arthritis in my foot (thank you, pointe shoes).

But, he also seems to think that this is workable and I don’t have to sit on the bench forever. First, I need to get the inflammation down. So no running at all. Then, we take another look in two week. Then I get custom sport orthotics and I get back out there. Hopefully.

I always assumed I would end up battling arthritis some day, thanks to all of my years of dancing and my extra crunchy joints. I just didn’t think I’d be doing it at 31. Hopefully I have some more information in a few weeks about what is exactly wrong and what I need to do prevent it in the future.

It’s discouraging to get injured when I’m right at the fun part of my running season and I can see the possibility of a sub-30 5k/PR. But injuries are the price you pay for being active. I’ve been fairly lucky in my life so far and I’m sure I’ll get back out there. For now, I think I’ll try hanging out in the lap pool.

And I’ll still share some 5k photos:

The Sunday Salon [4.13.14]

I thought maybe I should pop in and leave you all a quick note this Sunday. Life has been extra busy and really shows no signs of slowing for…16 years? This is our first weekend where we are both home and do not have guests in a month. I haven’t really been reading much and reviews just aren’t fitting into my schedule. But I’ll bring them back soon. 

So I owe you a few book reviews. I owe you a March recap. I owe you a recap of this morning’s 5k. I’ll get there.

For now, I am focusing on Evan, work, and trying to unplug and detox a little from social media. I owe you an explanation there, too.

For now, I trust you all are able to survive without me and I’ll keep posting some photos at the very least.

The Sunday Salon.com

6.2 [Fitness Friday]

Last month I told you about running my first 8k. Well, while I was at it, I went ahead and ran a 10k a few weeks later. 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. I’d set a goal to finish a 10k before having another baby and here I am, not ready for baby 2, and already done with my goal.

I do think six miles might be my limit. I walked a lot the last two miles. And the thought of running seven more (a half-marathon is really the next big race distance) is still very daunting. Maybe after theoretical baby 2.

I started off strong, maybe a little too strong. I ran my first mile at a 9:40 pace and my second at a 10-minute pace (if only it were a 5k, I could have easily finished sub-30!). But by mile 5 and 6, I was down to a pretty slow 11:38, which is probably why I felt so drained. Lesson learned – don’t stay with my faster friends for a mile and a half.

I think I am going to run a 5k in April (if I can ever get myself back into my running shoes) and another 10k in May and then I might be done for the season. It’s too hot to race here in the summer and I’ll be single-parenting for a good portion of it, which means I have to run with the dreaded jogging stroller and a 27 pound toddler. No thanks.

 Me at the finish line with my friends, Laura and Bill:

Savannah [Wordless Wednesday]

We spent the weekend in Savannah, which was a bit of disaster. But here are a few photos (the only ones I’ve had a chance to edit so far) anyway. Don’t worry. These were all pre-puking-on-the-trolley.

One of E giving Ben a kiss by the river.

And a couple from the playground at Forsyth Park.

I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to play with the camera more while I was there. I had my camera last year when we visited, but I was still shooting on auto at that point. Instead, I spent the whole weekend either at my conference or cuddling a sick kid. It sounds like this conference may be there again next year so all is not lost.

Sunsets & Sand [Wordless Wednesday]

On Sunday, I desperately wanted to go to the beach. Evan’s mid-day nap makes it a little difficult, but we planned to put him down a little early and hopefully head to the beach around 3pm. At 3pm, Evan was still sleeping and the wind was blowing at a steady 26 miles per hour.  So we went to plan B.

After dinner, we hopped in the car, fought our way through the spring breakers, and took a little walk on Clearwater Beach.

Evan didn’t remember the beach. He kept saying “wow” and then made up a fun game of throwing himself on the sand. He likes to take off so we used the monkey backpack (“packpack!”) to keep him away from the water and near us. I never thought I would be the parent who put her kid on a leash.

We didn’t stay for the actual sunset (it’s a little too close to E’s bedtime and we knew we’d have to fight the tourists on the way off the beach, too), but we had fun walking around on such a lovely evening.

On the photography side of things, I used my 50 1.8, but kept the f-stop a little higher than I generally like because of all the light. I find that it sometimes has a hard time autofocusing if subjects are too far or too close. I actually had to set it to infinity focus for the two setting sun shots. I also learned how to use the clone button in photoshop and deleted a few birds and the tag off of Evan’s backpack. I think you can tell but not too bad. I am finally using photoshop in its verb form.

 So this post was full of words. Happy Wordless Wednesday, regardless.

The Sunday Salon [3.16.14]

Whew. This was a BUSY week. Election day voter protection duties on Tuesday for our special congressional election. Leadership Pinellas all day Wednesday. Trying to fit some studying in for my exam on Friday. And my first 10k on Saturday. I need a nap.

The exam was by far the worst experience of my week (even more than the election day loss). I took the Labor and Employment Law Board Certification Exam. I am trying to convince the Florida Bar to call me an expert in employment law. The main problem is that I don’t actually practice the “labor” part of “labor and employment” (traditional union work). The exam was HARD. It’s supposed to be hard (fewer than 200 out of 98,000 lawyers in the state hold this certification) but this was beyond my expectations hard. I do not feel confident at all. So unless they decide to go easy on us, you very well might get to listen to me complain about taking it all over again next year.

But the good news is that now that the exam is over, I will hopefully have a little time for reading again. I am in an awful slump and I’d really like to find my way out of it. Life is still very busy (for the next three weeks at the very least) but I am hoping to find a few quiet moments to spend with a book, maybe even finishing one today.

But then again there is Doctor Who to watch…

The decision to follow up Friday’s mental endurance test (6 hour exams are no joke) with a physical one yesterday baffles even me, but I’ll save the discussion of the 10k for Friday’s Fitness post.

Now, it’s time to go spend some time with The Pull of Gravity. Enjoy your Sunday.

The Sunday Salon.com

The Sunday Salon [3.9.13]

The Sunday Salon.com

Today is the saddest day of the year. It’s the day AFTER my birthday. I have to wait 364 more days until my next one.

But, instead of dwelling on the sadness of today, lets debut some buttons!

Since my blog has become about more than book reviews, I wanted to create some buttons to easily designate each post. Since my graphic artist skills are somewhat limited, I used the A Beautiful Mess app and quickly came up with these.

Book Reviews: Pretty self-explanatory. My button is a little tongue-in-cheek given my lack of reading/reviewing lately.

Toddler Break: For those random days I feel like talking about Evan or parenting.

Wordless Wednesday: Again, self-explanatory.

Fitness Friday: You may have noticed this make it’s actual debut a few days ago. This will probably be broader than “fitness” as I said I would devote Fridays to “health” before. But I like alliteration.

And finally,

The Sunday Salon: For my chatty Sunday posts.

My hope is that you can now glance at a post and decide if it’s a topic you want to read about. And I am thinking that  eventually I may collect them by category to more easily organize things on here.

So, readers, what do you think?