Drama: An Actor’s Education [Mini-Review]

So…I read this book in April. And it is now September. 30th. I just never felt inspired to write this review.

My book club read this book (still not sure exactly why…I missed that day). I have no real interest in John Lithgow. I don’t really like or dislike him as an actor. He just is.

Lithgow had a unique upbringing – his dad was always starting local Shakespeare troupes (and ultimately failing at them), so he grew up with theater. But I’m not sure it was interesting enough for a whole book.

John Lithgow narrates this one and he does just as you’d expect.

My recommendation? If you love John Lithgow, pick this one up. Otherwise, there are better books out there to spend your time on.



2 thoughts on “Drama: An Actor’s Education [Mini-Review]

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    He just “is” for me too. Why is it that the only thing I remember him in specifically is the uptight father in Footloose? Hahaha

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