Happy Birthday, E [Wordless Wednesday]

Evan is three!

And we are almost four!

This photo confirms two things: (1) I am HUGE and (2) Evan is physically incapable of standing still for more than .8 seconds at a time.

For Evan’s first and second birthday I hired a photographer to come to the house, do a family shoot, and then stick around and photograph the birthday party. It seems extravagant, but I love photos and I was afraid that if I were responsible for them, I wouldn’t enjoy the party. Plus, it was a good halfway point in the year to update the family photos. But this year, given our tighter budget, I forwent the photographer. And the results are pretty disappointing. I have very few photos and most of the ones I have are terrible. It makes me sad. I am glad that I enjoyed the party, but I wish I had a few more photos to share with you all and with our family who couldn’t be there.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, E [Wordless Wednesday]

  1. First your pregnant tummy may be huge but YOU are not. You look adorable! It’s hard to hear that when you feel super pregnant though! I know! I think I’m going to start Wordless Wednesday too! I love it!

  2. Twitter: irisonbooks
    Agreed re: the commenter above. Yes, it is difficult to see anything but the belly at the end, but you are not huge and look good. Congratulations with Evan! And it is so cute that both him and his dad are wearing a shirt with a similar cartoon-shape word.

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