*peeks out*

Hi, guys. Um, it’s been awhile.

2016 sort of got away from me. I won’t lament the year like so many have done. It wasn’t terrible for me personally. Sure, I’m a bit terrified for the future of our apparently-fragile republic and saddened over the passing of a few too many public figures, but neither of those are why I stopped blogging.

I just got busy.

Around the same time that I had Kai, I am pretty sure the world started spinning faster and the hours in the day actually shortened. Life with one kid wasn’t easy, but I still seemed to find time to do the things I loved. But life with two kids? Nope. I wake up, I drop off kids, I go to work, I pick up kids, I pick up toys, and suddenly it is time for bed so I can rest up and do it all again the next day. And weekends aren’t any better.  I don’t even want to know what happens when you have a third baby. Do parents of 3+ kids even sleep? I doubt it.

Well, I like sleep. So I gave up on the blog. And, honestly, it seemed silly to keep up the guise of a book blog when I was barely reading (see previous paragraph). And it felt good to let myself off the hook and not feel guilty about not blogging.

But I miss it.

I miss having a place to share my thoughts. Twitter is fine, but 140 characters only gets you so far and everyone just wants me to call my congressman (spoiler: Gus Bilirakis is never going to do what I want). Instagram is still my favorite form of social media, but it’s hard to get out more than a sentence or two. Facebook is still basically the worst, so that’s out. It was always my blog where I could say what I wanted, when I wanted, and sometimes people listened without trying to get their own agenda out in front of mine.

So I am going to see what happens if I let myself give this another try. I will talk about books if I ever find myself reading them.I might share some photos if I ever pick up my camera again. I may talk about politics (y’all should really call your representatives) or work (oh, btw, I just started a new law firm), and I will most definitely talk about my kids.

I don’t know if anyone is still reading this thing or if anyone even noticed that I was gone. But I hope to reconnect with some old friends and try to find my voice again. We’ll see what happens.

19 thoughts on “…Hi?

  1. Twitter: luciaci
    Hi Michelle! Great to see you on your blog.
    I’m pretty sure the days did get shorter lately (…and I don’t even have kids -_-‘).
    Congratulations on your new firm!!

  2. Twitter: TiBookChatter
    I think your slow down was in sync with everyone’s end of the year slow down! Not many people posted over the holidays.

  3. So nice to see you back, Michelle! Hope to read your book reviews, posts on running, and see your photo posts. Happy blogging! Congratulations on starting a new law firm! This is so awesome! Wish you all the very best!

  4. *waves* welcome back – you’ve been busy! It seems kids can take over 🙂 I hope that this year you find some time to yourself either for reading or blogging or anything else!

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