If I Still Read Books, I Would Read These Books

I’m not very good at reviewing books, and I’m only sort of okay at reading them, but I can still grow a list of books I WANT to read like the best of them. So I am breaking my radio silence to share some books that I wish I were reading.

Plus, it’s just been a long time since I’ve done a TBR post.

I felt like Jennifer Weiner had a little slump there for a few books but I loved her last one and this one sounds so good.

This is my intellectual add. I probably won’t actually read it. Because that would require me to read something other than YA.

I adored Lydia’s first book. Of course I will be reading this one.

I will be devouring this the minute it arrives in the mail from Jen. (Get it?)

I haven’t actually read anything by Jojo Moyes before. But I keep meaning to.

This one has been on my TBR for awhile but I swear I am pushing it to the top. You can thank Erica.


So what would you like to be reading?

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2 thoughts on “If I Still Read Books, I Would Read These Books

  1. I have recently read both All Fall Down (definitely better than some of Weiner’s more recent books) and Landline… and I really want to read One Plus One, but I keep waffling on spending the money (the library hold list is LONG). I haven’t heard of Lydia Netzer, but I am curious now. That sounds up my alley. Hope you get a little more time for reading soon!

  2. Twitter: TiBookChatter
    Right now, I would like to be reading The Martian. I finally snagged a copy from the library and have already renewed it once. I really have to get it read.

    Moyes. I read Me Before You and it was awesome. I won One Plus One and look forward to getting to it.

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