Mini-Review Madness: The Pretty Little Liars Edition

In an effort to start the new year fresh, I am going to be posting a slew of mini-reviews over the next two weeks. Many of these books deserve posts of their own (though a few do not) but I hope to do them them justice in this format. First up are two books that I read when I was in Europe this summer (Yes, in June. Now you see why I need the mini-reviews).

Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard


Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna have enough on their plates just getting by in uber-trendy Rosewood. Spencer is falling for her sister’s boyfriend; Aria’s new love interest is also her new teacher; Emily has feelings for a girl; and Hanna is struggling with her weight in a less-than-healthy way. Then the girls start getting threatening messages from “A” who they suspect might be their mean girl friend Alison who went missing three years earlier.

I adore the Pretty Little Liars television series, which is why I decided to give the books a shot. These are not the best books in the world. But they are certainly entertaining.

Sara Shepard


Now that they know “A” is not Alison, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna must figure out who “A” is. Still dealing with the consequences from their actions in the first book, the girls have anything but a boring life. As they try to solve this mystery, they realize they can no longer trust anyone.

After reading the first book, I basically knew what to expect from Flawless. So-so writing, brand name dropping, and lots and lots of plot. I raced through this book like I raced through the first. Even though I’ve seen the tv show, I just had to know how everything was going to turn out.

These are not my favorite books in the world. But I will definitely keep reading them. We all need our guilty pleasures.

5 thoughts on “Mini-Review Madness: The Pretty Little Liars Edition

  1. I think these books might be fun for me and I just know that my daughter would love them too! It sounds like you really enjoyed these and what caught my attention was the mention of lots of plot. I might have to see about these in the new year. Great mini-reviews!

  2. I totally need to do a bunch of these kinds of posts in the next 2 weeks!

    I’m with you – the PLL books aren’t the best written books, but they are like crack. I think I’ve only read the first 3, but after each one I was all “more! I need more!”

  3. I’m enjoying the television show but have to say I’m not inclined to read the books. Not sure why, really. Maybe because I have so much to read and I can get the general gist through the shows.

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