Mini-Review Madness: The Re-Read Edition

I first read both of today’s books in print. Recently I reread them in audio. I liked both a little less this time around, so maybe stick with print.

Their Eyes Were Watching God
Zora Neale Hurston

When Janie is forced to marry Logan Killicks, she finds herself unhappy with her lot in life. So she runs away with Jody, who turns out to be worse. Finally she meets Tea Cake, and finds the happiness she spent her whole life searching for.

Ultimately a story about Janie finding herself, there is a lot going on in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Too much for a mini review. If you haven’t read this one, it is worth reading. The nice thing about the audio was that I didn’t have to “read” the dialect (which I remember struggling with the first time).

The End of the Affair
Graham Greene

The love affair between Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles is full of passion and jealousy and ends as suddenly as it began. Then Bendrix befriends Sarah’s husband and hires a private investigator to discover Sarah’s new lover. The book examines the relationship between the characters and the possibility of a higher power.

I probably gave this 5/5 when I first read it, so maybe I shouldn’t have reread it. I’d forgotten how philosophical and religious the book was – which is not a bad thing at all but rather something I wasn’t expecting. I still think it is a wonderfully written book.

4 thoughts on “Mini-Review Madness: The Re-Read Edition

  1. I have been wanting to read Their Eyes Were Watching God for the longest time, and I think your review has put it in the forefront of my mind again. I am off to add this one to my list, and see if I can grab it soon. Loving the Mini-reviews so much!

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    I’ve listened to Their Eyes Were Watching God and I loved that audio. I think the dialect was easier to listen to…can’t imagine reading it. As for The End of the Affair, I think I should have listened to that one too. Reading it was a torturous thing for a readathon…very bad idea! So much self-hate and angst and anger at God.

  3. Their Eyes Were Watching God was probably my favorite “required reading” book from high school. A lot of my classmates had difficulty with the dialect, too. It didn’t affect my reading ability though–I guess it’s the way I read. I read in my head at the same speed as I read aloud–you know, hearing it inside? haha So I just read it and my mind sounded like Janie 🙂

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