My Audiobook Flowchart

If you are new to audiobooks or if you are just looking for your next read, I can help. These are the books I have listened to and enjoyed in the past year (or so) compiled into one helpful little flowchart. It’s also a pretty good summary of my audiobook life.

How To Choose Your Next Audiobook
(from my limited experiences)

[Click to enlarge – I know it’s tiny here]

Let me know which book you got in the comments! (This is better than a cootie catcher, right?)

PS – I inadvertently left off two Neil Gaiman audiobooks I loved: Stardust narrated by Gaiman and Anansi Boys narrated by Lenny Henry. But you should just all get those two anyway. Because they’re pretty amazing.


Join the fun and head on over to Devourer of Books for all of the Audiobook Week goodness.

21 thoughts on “My Audiobook Flowchart

  1. Twitter: irisonbooks
    I am currently listening to Harry Potter while running. It makes running that much more fun, I actually look forward to it because I know I will be able to listen to the books again. As you can guess, I am a new audiobook convert and so your chart is perfect for me.

    • I have a post coming later this week about the relationship between running and audiobooks. Also, the HP audiobooks are fantastic.

  2. Twitter: Vasilly
    This is a great flowchart! I ended up with almost everything on your science side. Right now I’m re-listening to Gaiman’s American Gods so I’ll definitely add the rest of his books to my tbr list. 😉

  3. Twitter: lithousewife
    This flowchart rocks my world! I ended up with two (once through wasn’t enough). The first time I ended up with THE THIRTEEN TALE. The second time I ended up with REBECCA. They’re both novels I love, but I’ve never read in audiobook form. They’re on my TBR now.

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