My Audiobook Year and the Return of the Audiobook Flowchart

My audiobook flowchart was such a big hit last year, that I’ve decided to bring it back. Follow this chart (click on the image to enlarge it), answer the questions, and find your next audiobook. Links to the reviews for each are below. Let me know what book you get in the comments.

Since last June, I’ve listened to 31 audiobooks. This chart includes some of my favorites from the past year (but not necessarily published within the last year).

How to Choose Your Next Audiobook (based solely on what I’ve read and liked) Click to Enlarge

37 thoughts on “My Audiobook Year and the Return of the Audiobook Flowchart

  1. I adore your flowchart! I listened to and loved THE END OF THE AFFAIR (narrated by Michael Kitchen), THE KING’S SPEECH, and THE INVISIBLE ONES. I’ve got to listen to READY PLAYER ONE! What am I waiting for?

  2. Twitter: AlisonsBookMrks
    I got IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITH ME? which I have not listened to or read yet…and can’t wait to now! It sounds PERFECT for me!! (I loved Bossypants, and I love her on The Office, so score!)

  3. Twitter: ReadingThruNite
    Flow chart is uber creative and I adore it. I’m a newbie to audio books so I’m always looking for suggestions. New to this blog but I’ll be reading up for sure.

    • I’m reviewing that later this week. I actually ended up liking it but I can understand why one wouldn’t.

  4. Twitter: youvegottaread
    Aren’t you clever! I’m thinking I missed this last year because I was overseas during this week. And of course this year I’m completely in the weeds with my kids and my family and didn’t do a single audio thing (except one audio review). Boo me.

    • I missed half of last year when was also overseas. Very glad to be here for it this year. Hope you get to enjoy others’ posts at least.

  5. Twitter: guildedearlobe
    Oh, I love flowcharts. So tempted to flip a coin and follow it to my next listen.

    There are a few books here that I’ve really wanted to listen to but haven’t yet, including The Art of Fielding and The Invisible Ones.

  6. Twitter: TriniCapini
    Ha!! Flowchart is awesome! I’ve never mapped out my listening before but it would be interesting. I’ve found that my listening tastes are somewhat different than my reading tastes.

  7. Twitter: booksandmovies
    First time through, I got Ready Player One or Feed, both of which I loved, although I did read Feed in print. Second time through, I got The Selection, so I’ll have to see if my library has that one. Cool idea!

    • I saved it! No idea why it went to spam. Hope you enjoy The Selection if you end up listening – my review will be up later this week.

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