News from Heaven [Book Review]

Title: News from Heaven
Author: Jennifer Haigh
Genre: Short Stories
Pages: 256
Year: 2013
Publisher: Harper
Source: Review copy from publisher
Rating: 4/5


In these interconnected short stories, generations of people from Bakerton, Pennsylvania live their lives, which are not always easy.

My Thoughts:

News from Heaven is mostly sad, but honestly so. There were some stories I didn’t care that much for and some I absolutely adored. Characters reappear in stories as the the tale weaves its way through the years.

I have not read anything else Haigh has set in Bakerton, but I was not at a disadvantage. The feel of the town is apparent early on in the book. The people of Bakerton all mostly seem down on their luck, living in a dying town, no longer supported by the Baker Brothers’ mines that once employed the men.

News from Heaven is similar to Olive Kitteridge – I’d recommend it to any fan of short stories in small towns.

4 thoughts on “News from Heaven [Book Review]

  1. Twitter: karenwhitereads
    I recently read Haigh’s FAITH and highly recommend it. She does such a wonderful job with character – so complex. Will have to check this one out, too!

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