Night Film [Book Review]

Title: Night Film
Author: Marisha Pessl
Genre: Noir; Suspense; Mystery
Pages: 624
Year: 2013
Publisher: Random House
Source: Personal Collection
Rating: 5/5


When Ashley Cordova is found dead, Scott McGrath, an investigative journalist, is compelled to investigate. A few years earlier, an investigation into her father, mysterious filmmaker Stanislav Cordova, ruined his career. Now he’s determined to find something on Cordova – something that will bring him down. But Cordova isn’t going to make it easy.

My Thoughts:

This book might be better than Special Topics in Calamity Physics. It was so twisted and suspenseful that despite its heft, I couldn’t put it down. Like in Special Topics, Pessl shows her attention to detail and ability to weave a complicated tale.

While I give Pessl credit for her creativity, I was not a big fan of the integration of technology. I stopped using the app pretty early on because I found it distracting. But that’s fine. I just stopped using it. If you like it, use it. If you don’t, don’t. Easy enough.

I don’t have a lot to say (nor do I have a lot of review writing time this weekend), but that shouldn’t lead you to believe I have anything less than love for this book.

6 thoughts on “Night Film [Book Review]

  1. Twitter: youvegottaread
    People were pretty divided on this one, but I loved it. I didn’t even know there was an app (LOL) so I didn’t have it to distract me. I did think that the use of news articles and webpages were clever. It made it seem real.

  2. Twitter: TiBookChatter
    I read this as an ARC and was not aware of the app at that time. I did think that the web pages incorporated should have been real pages, but maybe they are now?? I tried to use an app once with one of the children’s books the kids brought home and it was WAY distracting.

    I did love Night Film though. I really couldn’t put it down and that was good because I was at a point in my reading where everything sucked so it was good to be pulled back into a good book.

  3. I really enjoyed this book. I read it on an e-ink Kindle, which means that all the hyperlinks were dead, but I got what she was trying to do with them. I thought they could have been very distracting, but didn’t end up so with me.

    I really appreciated the way that Pessl kept the story “off balance” in that I wasn’t really sure where it was going to end up, and provided a lot of creepy stops on the way.

  4. I would give this a 5 too! I absolutely loved it! The only strange part to me was when he was wandering around the tunnels on the property drugged or something.

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