Othello [A Book for Ben]

Title: Othello
Author: William Shakespeare
Genre: Drama; Tragedy
Year: 1603
My Rating: 3/5

What the book is about:

Iago, denied a promotion by Othello, a Venetian general is in search for revenge. In his quest, he manipulates and ruins the lives of many.

Why Ben made me read this:


Though not at the top of my list of of favorite Shakespeare plays, the dark and brooding Othello is still a powerhouse. With issues ranging from racism to power to ambition to loyalty to the nature of evil, the play covers many of the Bard’s signature tropes but in a seemingly original context. And of course it wouldn’t be Shakespeare without a bit of love. As the Moor says, this play is about “one that loved not wisely but too well, … [who] threw a pearl away / richer than all his tribe.”

What I thought about it:

Eh. Not my favorite Shakespeare. I thought it lacked the depth of Hamlet or MacBeth. But perhaps that is my fault for not reading this in an academic setting. Actually, that seems to be my complaint with a lot of the books Ben picks for me – I think I would like them better in a class.

But Iago’s character is certainly interesting with all of the conniving and manipulation.

What’s next from Ben?

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

3 thoughts on “Othello [A Book for Ben]

  1. Twitter: toadacious1
    I’ve found that Shakespeare definitely benefits from reading in a class where someone can explain it to me.

    I’ve had a bumpy road with Shakespeare reading, but Hamlet’s become my main Shakespeare squeeze, and it doesn’t sound like Othello would be the one to unseat him!

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