Our Christmas Tree’s Story

As I was decorating the tree this year, I noticed that our tree, through its ornaments, tells a story:

What story does your tree tell? What is your favorite or most special ornament?

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13 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree’s Story

  1. Twitter: devourerofbooks
    I’m a total Scrooge about my Christmas tree and would really rather have a tree full of generic, matching ornaments instead of all the mismatching sentimental ones (someday we’ll have two trees and I’ll get to do that for one of them). Still, this is really, really cute.

    • I originally wanted a pretty, uniform tree but everyone got us these cute ornaments so now it’s a mix of both unique and generic ornaments. Which actually looks really nice.

  2. Twitter: youvegottaread
    I become all gooey and sentimental every year when I put up the tree. We too have the ornaments from our childhoods and from our early relationship. But it is the kid ones that are so precious. The kids had a pre-K teacher that superimposed their faces on various kooky ornaments, and there are the ones I buy the kids every year that reflect their interest. We’ve got Darth Vader and Belle and Spiderman and Gone With the Wind and Twilight and A Christmas Story. Over the years this story for you will just grow and grow!

  3. Twitter: TriniCapini
    I adore this post!! We have many similarly themed ornaments but some of my favorites are from trips that we’ve taken over the years. I don’t have ornaments from all of the places we’ve visited but I’ve started to make a point of searching them out and really love these ornaments. I think the best trees are those that are a reflection of the people who put it up.

  4. Twitter: WordLily
    I love all these ornaments! We don’t have ornaments for all those milestones (or as nice of ones, at least). Still need to get a Baby’s First Christmas ornament, hrm.

  5. Twitter: TiBookChatter
    My ornaments are all sentimental and although it’s a mish mosh of stuff, it still manages to look good.

    I love how you did this post. That should be your Christmas card but printed on lonnnnnng paper. LOL.

  6. Twitter: bookaddictheath
    I love this! When my husband and I were putting up the tree last weekend, we were saying how we regret not buying ornaments (or asking for them) from the different stages of life we’ve been through together. We joked that we should try remembering something significant from each year we’ve been together and go on an ornament buying spree this year to reflect each year we’ve been together!

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