The Sunday Salon [12.23.12]

Good morning from Michigan. We’ve trekked up north to spend Christmas with our families. Right now, we’re actually staying in our very first apartment as a married couple (it’s on Ben’s parent’s property but it’s been occupied the past four years). It’s a little surreal but fun to tell Evan about how we used to live here LONG before he was born.

Tomorrow we will go to my mom’s house and celebrate Christmas with my family. Sunday we’ll do Christmas with Ben’s family. We used to all meet up at midnight mass on Christmas Eve but we’re going to break tradition this year for fear of angering the little one. I know E isn’t old enough to know what’s going on yet, but we’re looking forward to celebrating the holiday with him and including him in our traditions.

I’m not sure how much, if anything, I’ll post this week. The first week of the new year, I will have some wrap-up posts for you. Then it will be back to business as usual (i.e., sporadic posts whenever I get around to it).

Happy holidays, readers. What are your traditions?

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