The Sunday Salon [3.29.15]: What’s Your Secret?

After posting about how claiming you don’t have time to read dismisses the choice you made that led you there on Sunday and then reading about everyone’s busy lives on Friday, I am back with a question for you all:

How do YOU make the time to read?

Do you get hours before the sun? Do you sneak a few pages here and there? Do you rely on audiobooks?

On Friday, I learned that my choice to sleep until 7am every morning (I love me some sleep) means that many of you are up an hour or two before me and that you actually find time to read/blog/relax before work. This seems incredible to me. I have no concept of a leisurely morning.

This makes me wonder what everyone else’s secret is. So, go ahead, share. I won’t tell.


The Sunday

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon [3.29.15]: What’s Your Secret?

  1. Twitter: bookaddictheath
    I can’t imagine getting up early to do anything! It’s wake up, jump in the shower, get ready and get out the door for me. I have a few secrets. One, I almost always read in the car when hubby is driving. Two, I try to read for 30-40 minutes while I’m eating lunch at work. And three, if I have a day off during the week (usually happens every other week) after I finish errands and chores, I usually get about 3-4 hours to do whatever I want before hubby gets home – reading time!

  2. Twitter: TiBookChatter
    I have been so horrible at this but not because of anything I can control. My eye never healed right from the hairbrush injury so my reading has been greatly affected. Posting too. I can’t look at a computer screen for too long.

    But, on a normal day, I try to get the bulk of my reading done in the morning before work and then again while I am waiting around for kids, or right before bed. Lately, I’ve been using lunch to watch Breaking Bad but I have only one more season of that so back to books I will go.

  3. Twitter: TriniCapini
    Ha! Ok, well already mentioned this but I got up earlier today to read. Like you I’m feeling a bit like I could squeeze MORE into my day if I got up earlier. Even though we stayed up TOO late watching FOUR episodes of Alias last night (in my defense I was also handsewing).

    Otherwise it’s mostly audiobooks. I bring a book to read at lunch but rarely ever do. A few nights a week (um, or less) I tell Scott I rather read than watch a show. Sometimes I can read a chapter while he watches TV in bed (I need noise cancelling headphones for bed!). And naptime. I try to squeeze in at least a little time during weekend nap…though that’s also when I tend to do my blogging. I know it’s bad to say “I don’t have time for xyz,” but in my case I think I would be better off if I had FEWER interests/hobbies.

    • I woke up early and read on Monday morning and it was amazing. But it was really only possible because Ben is home on spring break and tended to E for me. Tuesday and Wednesday I chose to sleep it. 😉

      I hear you on the fewer interests. I don’t feel like I have time for reading AND blogging AND photography. I have to choose.

  4. Twitter: ErinReadsblog
    No real secrets here, sadly.

    I go through phases. Sometimes I steal moments like crazy and choose reading over other activities again and again. Other times I sort of forget that books exist (not really, but by comparison…) and end up doing other stuff instead of reading.

    I pretty much always have an audiobook going, and that helps a LOT. I get through at least as many books on audio as I do in print. Also, like Trish, I don’t get through nearly as many books as others seem to!

    • I need to get back into audiobooks. That was my lifesaver for a long time but I’ve sort of fallen out of love with them and just end up listening to music or a podcast.

      • Twitter: ErinReadsblog
        I definitely get on podcast or music kicks sometimes, and my audiobook listening drops off. But eventually I just end up back in the mood for them. Sometimes I need a particularly well narrated one to get me back into them.

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