Tolstoy and the Purple Chair [Book Review]

TitleTolstoy and the Purple Chair
Author: Nina Sankovitch
Genre: Books on Books; Nonfiction
Pages: 256
Year: 2011
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Source: Library
Rating: 3.5/5


When Nina’s sister dies, she tries to keep herself busy. But after four years, she realizes she never properly mourned or moved on. So for the next year, Nina is going to read a book a day as a kind of timeout from life. This book chronicles her journey and the lessons she learns along the way.

My Thoughts:

I will never read a book a day for a year. I am not that kind of reader. It usually takes me a good week or two to get through each book. So even if I were a stay at home mom with kids in school all day, I could not do this. But reading about someone else doing it sounded fun. And it was.

This book is very personal which makes it a little different than other books on books I’ve read (Nick Hornby, etc.). It is very much the author’s story – how the books she reads relates to her life.

If you like reading about people reading, or if you like books that deal with grief, you should check out Tolstoy and the Purple Chair.

7 thoughts on “Tolstoy and the Purple Chair [Book Review]

  1. Nice review! Interesting to know that Nina Sankovitch read one book a day for a year. From one perspective it is an amazing achievement, but from another perspective, I think that is too much of reading. I tried reading all the time for a short period of time, but it didn’t work for me – I liked doing other things also in between.

  2. Twitter: BkClubCare
    I admit, the thought of actually completing a full book each and every day boggles my brain. I go in spurts. This would KILL my love of reading! I still want to read this book, tho.

  3. Twitter: irisonbooks
    I wouldn’t be able to read a book a day either. I mean, I do sometimes, but that’s more by accident than because I’ve set it as a task. I enjoyed this book but felt it was a little preachy at times.

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