Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants: A Novel

I finished Water for Elephants the other day and I thought it was fabulous.  I think Gruen did a great job writing the older Jacob.  I really felt for him when he explained how it feels to get old.  And I loved the animals.  It reminded me a little of Life of Pi (she actually says Yann Martel is a great writer in the interview at the end) because the animals were characters.  I really liked Bobo, the chimp, even though he was a minor animal character (chimps and elephants are 2 of my 3 favorite animals – turtles are the third – so it helped me enjoy the book).  The other human characters were nicely done as well.  There are interesting relationships and it all takes place in a culture that is foreign to most of the readers but she does a great job drawing you in.  I also really enjoyed the ending.  I was afraid that I had figured out what was going to happen and it made me very happy to see that it didn’t.  The actual ending was much better.

I am now reading The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank (for fun) and Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky (for school).

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Notes from Underground; The Double (Penguin Classics)

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