What Evan Is Reading This Week [9.19.14]

Holy crap, this book is long.

60+ pages of “would you eat them…”

I may or may not have hidden this book on a few occasions.

Evan may or may not have responded to this by ALWAYS KEEPING IT IN HIS CRIB.

But the smile he gets with the Seuss Dude (who has neither a name nor a species assigned to him) tries the green eggs and ham and finds out he likes them is worth the 50 previous pages of refusals.

If only this would translate to Evan actually trying new foods.

One thought on “What Evan Is Reading This Week [9.19.14]

  1. Oddly enough this is one of the few Dr. Seuss books I love reading aloud. And it doesn’t get my kids (who are 5 & 2) to try new foods either, so don’t feel bad. 😉

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