My Crazy Week

This has been a strange, eventful week and I think it is worth writing about.

  • Ben took a job in Florida for next year.  This means that he will be going to Florida before I get home from California, so we won’t be living together for an entire year.  Flights to Florida are fairly cheap, so I’m hoping that we can still see each other somewhat regularly.  Plus, I’ll have somewhere warm to go when I get cold next winter.
  • I’ve decided to look into being a law librarian.  I haven’t wanted to be a lawyer for some time now, but I’ve been fighting it.  I love working at the law library and the librarians seem to love their jobs.  So that is my newest plan.  I would take a year or two off and clerk for a judge (hopefully) and then go back to school to get my masters in library science.  There is a program at The University of South Florida in Tampa where Ben is going.  It seems like things might actually work out.
  • My mom’s oldest friend’s husband passed away yesterday.  It was very sudden and unexpected.  I’ve known him for my entire life.  I’m very glad that I got to see him last summer.
  • Carmine, Ben’s parents’ dog was hit by the Detroit Free Press delivery guy on Friday.  He didn’t stop or anything.  She had to get lots of stitches, but she’s doing great now.
  • Classes ended today.  I am three exams away from being done with my second year!

Anyway, I just thought this week was one of those that makes you think about what and who is important in your life.

2 thoughts on “My Crazy Week

  1. Emily April 19, 2007 / 4:38 am

    wow – that IS a crazy week. Ryan and I were apart for about 8 months before he moved to New York in December. He was finishing school in Michigan. It was really hard, but we got through it. I definitely recommend having cell phone plans that give you free night and weekend minutes! And check out for student discounts on airfare. Ryan got some REALLY cheap flights to NYC there. is a good flight site too.It sounds like you both have great plans for the future – my mom is a librarian and loves it. Such great work environments too – libraries treat employees well. And you will both be so happy once you're finally settled in a new place doing exactly what you want to do! It's so exciting!


  2. Michelle April 19, 2007 / 7:39 am

    Thanks fot the tips. We have a family plan, so our calls to each other are included. We've been apart before, too – he went to Western while I was at Michigan, but Ann Arbor to Kalamzoo is not Ann Arbor to Tampa. And we weren't married then – married people are supposed to live together. But it is best for him right now, so we'll make it work.I usually find my cheap flights at Spirit or even Northwest now, but I will def. check out those sites. I think I might need to get over my fear of flying this year.Yes – I can't wait for us to settle down and have good jobs and everything. It looks like everything is starting to work out, so we're happy.


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