It’s been awhile, so here is an update on my life.

I left California at the beginning of last week.  I spent the week in Michigan visiting with family and friends and studying for the MPRE which I took on Friday.  I went to Indiana on Saturday for a wedding.  Then I drove back to Michigan on Sunday and left for Florida.  And here I am – sitting in the Tarpon Springs library updating you on my life.

I enjoyed my summer in San Francisco.  I think it was a good experience for many reasons.  My job was interesting, my roommates were great, and living on my own in a new place was something that I had never experienced before.  I am going to miss everyone out there, but I was ready and happy to go home.

Florida is hot.  The weather is about as different from San Francisco as you can get.  Our apartment down here is really nice.  We got most of our furniture for free and we bought a bed on Monday.  Now we just need to add a few final touches (like dishes and matching sheets).  I’m glad that I get to spend a few weeks with Ben before school starts.  He works during the day, so I was planning on spending all of my time reading at the beach, but it’s been so hot and humid and I’ve been so tired that most of my time has been spent napping on the couch.  🙂

That is my update.  I haven’t had much of a chance to read lately, so I’m still working on The Other Boleyn Girl.  I also started Dead Souls by Gogol for the book club.

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