The Polysyllabic Spree

The Polysyllabic Spree

Congratulate me.  I finished my first non-school book of the semester:  Nick Hornby’s The Polysyllabic Spree.  Sure, it was only 140 pages and it wasn’t a novel but a collection of columns, but I’m still proud.  I enjoyed it.  Possibly because that is what this blog started out as – a sort of diary of my reading.  But like Hornby’s columns, my blog often leaves books to discuss sports, relationships, music, and life in general.  It’s refreshing to see that other people buy books that they never read and give up on books when they aren’t enjoyable.  I can only imagine what his bookshelves look like.  I’m jealous.  Not just of that.  I wish that my job was to read books and then discuss the experience every month (I realize he is also a novelist).

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