An Announcement

Like Lloyd Carr, I too am retiring from my career with The University of Michigan football program.  It’s been a long and interesting seven years as a student spectator.  There were many highs (3 rose bowls, 2 big ten championships, beating Ohio State in 2003, the triple overtime win against Michigan State) and there were many lows (losing to Ohio State 6 of those 7 years, losing all 3 of those rose bowl games, that mysterious extra second at Michigan State, Appalachian State).  I thought about retiring after the 2004 season, but since Michigan wanted to give me another degree, I got 3 more years.  But after graduation in May, I will no longer be one of the many students in Maize at the far end of the stadium every Saturday.  I love Michigan Football.  I will always be a fan, but this part of my career is over.  I will soon become one of the many dispersed alumni who is more likely to watch the game at a Winghouse than the Big House.  I’d like to thank all of those who supported me the last seven years.  My friends, my family, and especially Ben who had to put up with the post-loss depressions and the crazy fall mood swings.  I’m sorry that my time here had to go out with the whimper that was Saturday’s game, but despite the loss and the weather, I had a wonderful time with some wonderful people.

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s game.  It was cold and rainy, so please excuse the

ESPN College GamedayESPN’s College Gameday


Me and SusanMe and Susan

Ben and MeBen and Me (he has a sparkly hat on and Ohio State gloves)

UM Ohio State 012The Game

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