My Voxiversary

I just realized that yesterday was my one year anniversary w/ Vox.  My first post questioned what this blog was to become about and I think I may still be figuring that out.  But I enjoy using it so I suppose that is all that matters.

In other news, I flew down to Florida this morning.  And I was probably the least anxious that I’ve been on a flight in a really long time.  The weather looks pretty nice the rest of the week, so I’m looking forward to getting some sun and reading some books.  And I suppose I should write that pesky seminar paper that was due in December.

Gatsby did really well today – he was quiet the whole flight.  And he was really popular – I think every person at Detroit Metro wanted to say hi to him.  He is currently hiding under the bed.  We’re having a little trouble coaxing him out, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it.  The day we first brought him home, he hid on a kitchen chair for two day.  We thought we had bought a defective cat but then he turned out to be the best cat ever.  So I’m not too worried about him yet.

3 thoughts on “My Voxiversary

  1. Brunella February 24, 2008 / 5:02 pm

    Happy belated voxiversary! 😀


  2. Emily February 24, 2008 / 9:04 pm

    Happy Voxiversary! Enjoy your time in Florida!


  3. Jennifer February 25, 2008 / 1:53 am

    That's great that he did well! Have a great trip!


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