Reading Selections

I feel like I haven’t had much control over my reading selections lately.  Because of school, Rory’s book club, and the law school book club, I haven’t been able to finish Middlesex.  I’m not really complaining because I choose to take part in these discussions (even school – I chose a class with heavy reading).  But I am going to be happy when I get to actually choose a book on my own.  For instance, I was excited to be able to read over spring break, but when I was packing books I had to bring Persuasion for the book club, Sense and Sensibility for class/book club, and The Quiet American by Graham Greene for the law school book club.  I was excited about reading all of those books – I just feel like I have a lack of choice lately.

2 thoughts on “Reading Selections

  1. Kristie February 27, 2008 / 11:44 am

    I don't really have the same problem, I'm just so busy I hardly have time to read anything. I have lots of stuff to read for my classes, just out of textbooks, so I think I might use spring break to get ahead a few weeks in my school reading so I can enjoy my own books. That is, after I finish a paper that's due the day after break :o)


  2. Jennifer February 27, 2008 / 2:03 pm

    I understand how you feel, that's exactly how I felt when I was in school. Sometimes it takes away from the book because you feel like it's a chore. That's why a few book discussions in the book club I didn't take part in. I wanted to read something that was completely for me.


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