La Rochefoucauld – Maxims

Maxims (Penguin Classics)

I read this today for class and I thought that I would share some of my favorite maxims:

#78 In most men love of justice is only fear of suffering injustice.

#107 To point out that one never flirts is in itself a form of flirtation.

#136 Some people would never have fallen in love if they had never heard of love.

#141 We often boast that we are never bored on our own, being so conceited that we refuse to find our own company dull.

#313 How comes it that our memories are good enough to retain even the minutest details of what has befallen us, but not to recollect how many times we have recounted them to the same person?

#350 The reason why we so bitterly resent attempts to outsmart us is that those who make them think they are cleverer than we are.

And for class this week, we had to come up with our own aphorism.  Mine is: Many people try hard to be funny but the funniest people do not have to try at all. Maybe not the most important thought of all time, but it’s something.

Do any of you have any brilliant, insightful aphorisms you want to share?

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