Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

I finally finished Breaking Dawn.  It only took me a little over 3 months.  In some ways, I’m glad that I wasn’t able to read it quickly in August.  I know that a lot of people were disappointed.  Since I was prepared for this, I think I was less disappointed than most.

It was very different from the other three books.  The two main dilemmas of the first 3 books were resolved fairly early in this book and we were left with new situations.

I’ve always been ready to defend Bella and Stephanie Meyer against the arguments that the book is anti-feminist and that Bella is dependent on men.  I think the early twists that this book took showed that she was capable of acting independently of Jacob and Edward.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual writing this time, but I’m sure that I thought the same when I read the first 3.  It’s not about the writing, but the story.  You just have to take these books for what they are – they aren’t meant to be more than that.  Just a fun little diversion.

Now on to finish another book I’ve been reading since July: Emma.

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