Road Trip

I'm leaving for my post-election victory tour today.  One of my friends from the campaign and I are driving up the east coast.  He's heading for New Jersey and I'm heading for Boston.  It could possibly be the lamest road trip ever though since we each have our own car.  Here are the planned stops:

  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Washington DC
  • Boston, Massachusetts

I'm going to spend a few days in Boston with my dad and then I'm heading over to Michigan for my cousin's wedding and Thanksgiving.  Ben is meeting me in Michigan and then he's going to help me drive back down to Florida.

I'm sure I'll be online at various points during the trip so I'll try to keep up with this and RBC.  I'm also going to try to get some reading in and catch up from the last 3 months.  The books I brought with me:

  • Emma (almost finished)
  • Well of Lost Plots (I'm somewhere in the middle)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  • Northanger Abbey (I still want to read all 6 Jane Austen novels this year).
  • I Capture the Castle

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