Twilight and Emma

I have two things to write about that are unrelated but are going in one post.

I saw Twilight last night.  I had heard bad things so maybe my expectations were low, but I really enjoyed it.  Yes, it was cheesy.  Yes, it was angsty.  Yes, there were moments when Bella and Edward stared at each other too long thus eliciting inapropriate laughter from the audience.  But if you take if for what it is, it’s good.  They stuck to the story pretty closely which I always appreciate when making a movie out of a novel.  I liked Charlie, Alice, and Emmett a lot.  Jasper was weird.  Carlisle wasn’t right.  Bella and Edward could have been better.  But I would have probably said that about anyone they cast because they will never match my images of them.  I was pretty happy with Jacob. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised.

I finished Emma today.  I started it in either May or June, so it’s about time.  I liked it better on this read than I did when I first read it 4 years ago.  I still can’t help but picture Clueless when I read it though…

I am now going to finish the final book I was in the middle of before I took the campaign job, The Well of Lost Plots.

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