My Roadtrip in Numbers

I am back in Florida and thought I would share my trip with you using numbers:

  • 3,342…..Miles driven (2,162 of them all by myself) – that’s 5,378 km for you metric-folk
  • 18………Days gone
  • 6………. Cities I spent at least one night in
  • 15………States visited (plus the District of Columbia and Ontario)
  • 3………..Number of states visited that I’d never been to before (South Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey)
  • 3………..Number of different travel companions
  • 8………..Number of Shell stations I stopped at (thank you Barack Obama for the gas cards)
  • 4………..Number of non-Shell gas stations I stopped at because I couldn’t find a Shell station
  • 6………..times I ate at McDonald’s (only one of which occurred after Ben and Mike left me)
  • 14………hours spent in Washington, DC (my shortest stop)
  • 7………..days spent in Dexter, MI (my longest stop)
  • 2………..number of snowstorms that tried to stop me
  • 1………..number of times I was detained at the US border (apparently, I look like a terrorist)
  • 3………..number of books finished (all of them while in Michigan)

And here is the visual of the trek 🙂

Roadtrip map

It was a pretty nice trip.  My friend Ben and I left Clearwater together and we were joined by another friend, Mike in North Carolina.  Ben made it to New Jersey but then had to get back to DC to start his new job.  Mike went all the way to Massachusetts with me before heading back home to Tennessee.  Then my Ben (that’s how we differentiated my husband from the other Ben on the campaign) met me in Michigan for my cousin’s wedding and Thanksgiving and then helped me drive back home.  I got to visit a lot of people along the way including both my parents and a lot of my extended family.  I also think it was good to get out of Florida after the campaign ended so that I could relax and not worry about the next step quite yet.

Now I’m back and I’m going to start figuring out what to do with my life while packing up the apartment for our move this weekend.  🙂


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4 thoughts on “My Roadtrip in Numbers

  1. Kristie December 1, 2008 / 1:45 pm

    That's quite a trip you had! It must have been nice to relax after all the work you put into the campaign. Your moving? Somewhere else in Florida?


  2. Michelle December 2, 2008 / 11:52 am

    We're moving about 20 minutes south of where we are right now. To a bigger apartment in a nicer area. We will now live in Dunedin, just north of Clearwater.


  3. Kristie December 2, 2008 / 12:22 pm

    That's nice! I'm glad you'll be happier where you're going. At least it sounds that way lol


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