QotD: My Competitive Side

What brings out your competitive nature?

Everything.  The other day we were doing hundreds (a pilates exercise) in a class at the gym and the teacher challenged us to see who could go the longest (making it more than one hundred counts but…).  It came down to me and one other girl since everyone else is quite a bit older.  Eventually, the teacher asked if we were so competitive that she would have to call us off.  The other girls said "no" and stopped then.  But I said "I might be" and went a few more counts (thus winning!).  Also, Ben knows that the best way to get me to do something is to assert that I CAN'T do something.  For example, a statement that "Michelle can't get the laundry done in one day" would prompt me to make sure I did all the laundry that day.

Occasionally, this competetive streak is annoying (like when I had to hold two beers out at my side for 5 minutes at a baseball game once to prove that I could do it).  But it's good for my line of work and it keeps life interesting.

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