My New Workout Plan

A bunch of people blogged about their fitness plans in the new year.  So I thought I'd share mine.  I feel a little guilty because I didn't stick to it this week thanks to a killer headache and a ballet class begin canceled (when you take class with teenagers you run the chance that your class falls the night before a huge exam and no one can go to dance).  Anyway, here it is.

20/20/20 class – 60 minutes – 20 minutes of step, 20 minutes of strength, 20 minutes of pilates/yoga
Ballet class – 90 minutes – this is an advanced class with energetic 16-year-olds that kills me

Core Rythms – 60 minutes – Latin/belly danceing, ab strength training, and yoga/pilates

Ballet class – 60 minutes – this is amy easy adult class but she tries to challenge me and half the time I wear my pointe shoes for some extra work

Yoga Flow – 60 minutes – this class is much harder than I thought it would be and the 60 year old women in it are a lot better

I'm thinking about adding another 60 minute cardio/strength class on Mondays or Thursdays.  It will probably ve Thursdays because I'd rather have another long night than have to workout on Monday.  I'm also thinking about staying for yoga on Wednesdays because I need to work on my flexibility for dance.  But I really don't like yoga.

I'm not very good at eating healthy, so I'd rather focus on exercising more in order to stay in shape.  I'm actually the heaviest I've ever been but I don't feel that bad about it because I don't feel like I've gained weight.  Plus, I hadn't really gained weight since high school and it's probably not a horrible thing.  My main goal is to work on my abs and my arms.  Ballet has made my legs, backs, and abs strong but my arms are tiny and have no definition to them.

I've been using the workout log at  I like the accomplished feeling I get with I log a workout.  And it makes me feel guilty for skipping one.  I used to use the one at and that was always helpful.  You have to sign-up for one of their workout plans, but then you can just use the workout log for anything.

For the first time in my life, I have time in the evenings and on weekends for myself and I think I can actually stick to this.  It feels really good to be exercising regularly again and I love the gym I joined.

Good luck to everyone else who is trying new workouts this year.

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