It could only happen to us

I've been told by a few people recently that the brakes on the car that I'm driving ("the ion") should be replaced but since I couldn't tell any difference, I let them go.  Bad idea.  The brake pads are completely gone and on Saturday it started making this horrible grinding noise because of the metal hitting metal.  It was so bad that I called the auto shop near my work on Monday and asked if I could take it in that day.  They said to bring it in the next morning (today).  So the ion was brought to the shop this morning.  When I called at 4pm, they hadn't started working on it and my assistant had to give me a ride home.  I then took the car Ben has been driving ("the Aerostar") to the gym.  He had mentioned that those brakes were getting bad, too.  Turns out, they are making the same horrible grinding noise as the ion.  It was so bad, that I skipped ballet tonight and have to cancel my doctor's appointment in the morning so that Ben can take the Aerostar in to another shop tomorrow (can't be the same one – they'd judge).  I had to call my assistant for another ride in the morning.

What are the chances that the exact same thing breaks on both of cars at the exact same time?  I don't think this happens to everyone.  I don't even really care about the money – it's just inconvenient and annoying.

And now I'm sitting at home on a Tuesday evening bummed because I had to miss dance (my favorite hour and a half in the whole week) and lost as to what to do.

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One thought on “It could only happen to us

  1. michelle February 25, 2009 / 9:16 am

    That's horrible! But I had to laugh when you said "they'd judge"…because I'd do the same thing! 🙂


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