The Amazing World of Show Choirs

My friend, Lisa, and I went to Orlando today to see my cousin, Alyssa, perform in a high school show choir competition at the Hard Rock Live.  I mostly went for the chance to see Alyssa – she lives in Massachusetts so I only see her when I make the trek up to Boston.  But I got so much more.

Show choirs are kind of the best thing ever.  I wish they had entered my life earlier.  My high school didn’t have one.  It’s singing, dancing, big hair, sparkly costumes, and over-enthusiastic teenagers.  I can’t really think of a better combination.  We went thinking we’d see Alyssa’s group and then leave and do something else in the area.  But we got sucked in and watched 6 groups performed and stayed for the finalist announcements.

Alyssa was amazing.  She has a fantastic voice.  And I’ve been lucky enough to see her twice in the last year (I saw her in 42nd Street in November on my road trip).  Her school was really good.  When they did the announcement for the finalists (6 of the 9 groups that performed), Lisa and I held our breath.  They announced the first 5 groups, and then, with all the drama and hesitation you would find in a movie where the main character is picked last, they announced her school!  They perform tonight at 9:30.  We couldn’t stay that late, but I’m so glad I went and saw what I did.  If you ever have the chance, go see a high school show choir competition.  I promise you will be entertained.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing World of Show Choirs

  1. Kristie March 15, 2009 / 9:46 am

    My late cousin was in her school's show choir. The school district she went to was the wealthiest public school in Ohio and so they had many of these amazing extracurricular things. She was really great! She loved to sing and dance. We only went to see one show, but it was awesome :o)


  2. Michelle March 15, 2009 / 10:30 am

    The funny thing is my cousin goes to a working class public high school and they still have an amazing show choir. In fact, we moved away when I was 4, in part, to stay away from that school district.


  3. Kristie March 15, 2009 / 1:04 pm

    O I know you don't necessarily have to have a great school for it. But because of the school, I think the show choir was probably able to do anything they wanted. My cousin went all over the US for stuff for school. My school does one musical a year, but that really started after I graduated :o( I loved last year's Guys & Dolls. Some schools do amazing stuff with their limited resources…


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