Because you may be as bored as I am and read this

Thanks to peculiar-treasure for a way to cure my boredom today.

FOR TODAY.-03/17/2009 (I had to Americanize the date :P)
Outside my window...It is cloudy and humid.
I am thinking…that I should probably be working instead of doing this.
I am thankful for...the stereo I have in my office – it gets me through mornings like this.
Im learning…about the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Fun, I know.
Lunch and dinner will be…Lunch will be ballgame food and dinner will be Special K cereal or waffles (today is day one of the Special K challenge for me).
I am wearing...Grey pants, my Irish t-shirt under a black sweater, and heels.
I am creating…a motion for summary judgment.
I am going…to the gym and dance tonight – my favorite night of the week!
I am reading...Kavalier and Clay
I am hoping…that the air conditioning gets fixed at the office today.
I am hearing…the aforementioned music – currently Joshua Radin.
One of my favorite things…baseball games in the middle of the work day.
A few plans for the rest of the week:…work, seeing Hannah!, gym, dance, Lost with Erin, young lawyer’s happy hour, and did I mention Hannah’s visiting.

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