My Fabulous Weekend

This weekend one of my oldest friends, Jessica stayed with us.  She is visiting her grandparents 45 minutes north of here and was able to spend some time with us.  We were going to go to the beach, but the wind prevented that.  Since it wasn’t even nice enough to do anything outside, the three of us went to Target and came home with a Wii.  We then spent most of the Saturday playing with it.  And now we are all very sore today, but it was a lot of fun.



At 8:30 (ish – we were  a little late), we turned our lights off for Earth Hour.  Last year, I spent Earth Hour eating Chinese food and drinking cocktails with Mary and Karen – my ballet friends.  This year, I spent it eating Thai food and drinking rum and cokes with Jessica and Ben.  And then playing Boggle by candlelight.  Both years it has been a lot of fun.

Today we went to Target to get some more Wii games (it is buy 2 get 1 free time if anyone is interested).  Then sat by the pool for awhile despite the fact that it was a bit too chilly/windy.  We took Jessica back and now it’s movie night time (being replaced by 24 marathon night this week).  The whole weekend was a lot of fun.

I tried to find an old picture of Jess and me.  Her first day of school was my 10th birthday.  Luckily, one kid was absent so I was able to give her a cupcake.  And we’ve been friends ever since.  But this was the oldest picture I can find.  It’s from high school – looks like a concert but I can’t remember where exactly it is.  I’m on the right, Jessica is in the middle, and our friend Kelly is on the left.


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