Reading Update

The Long Way Home (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Vol. 1)

I finished watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last year and I kind of miss it, so I decided to give this a try.  The show ended after Season 7.  The graphic novels continue on with Season 8.

First, I don’t think that I like the graphic novel format very much.  At least not yet.  This is the first one I’ve read and I had a really hard time keeping up with the plot and catching everything that happened.  But maybe that’s a learned skill.

Second, I’m not sure if I love the plot.  I mean, the whole everyone is a slayer thing was ok to say you were going to do at the end of the show, but I’m not sure I want to read about it.  Also, there seem to be an abundance of villians: the dragon thing, Amy, Warren, the US Army.  And I don’t really like that they brought back Amy and Warren.  I wanted something new.  I don’t know.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep reading the next volumes.

A Spot of Bother (Vintage)

I finally finished A Spot of Bother.  I had a hard time getting into it.  I wanted to love it because I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, but I just had no empathy for any of the characters.  But a little more than half-way through the book, I started to care about them and I found myself interested in what happened.  It’s a book about a family and their relationships to one another and to the people they love.  It wasn’t as good as Curious Incident, but it’s grown on me.

War and Peace (Modern Library Classics)

I started War and Peace today.  I’m reading it with a few other vox/rbc members so hopefully we can motivated each other to get through the 1424 pages.  I’ve liked most of the Russian novels I’ve read before and I loved Anna Karenina so I am hopeful that I will enjoy W&P, too.

Macbeth (The Annotated Shakespeare)

I’m also in the middle of Macbeth and Northanger Abbey.  Ben teaches Macbeth and I decided to read it along with his class this time.  We read it together outloud which makes it seem easier.  Plus we discuss each scene as we read it.  We should finish it today.

Northanger Abbey (Signet Classics)

I’ve been reading Northanger Abbey off and on mostly on my iPhone or at when I need a quick break at work.  I wanted to finish it this weekend, but the weekend had other plans for me.  Plus, it’s a nice small book to take with me on Tuesday when I have to fly to the panhandle and back for a deposition.

2 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. Alex May 3, 2009 / 4:36 pm

    Have fun with War & Peace! It's a slog but it's worth it. I read it last year and quite enjoyed it, even though I had been bored enough with Anna Karenina to stop reading.


  2. Bina May 5, 2009 / 6:40 am

    I certainly admire you for reading War and Peace! The Russians always confuse me with loads of characters whose names I can never remember 😉


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