My Florida-versary!

One year ago today, my dad and I arrived in Florida with all my possessions (well, most of my possessions) after the 20-hour drive from Michigan.  Since that day, I’ve studied and taken the Florida bar exam, joined the Obama campaign, passed the bar exam, elected the president, took a 15-state/2-country road trip, started practicing law, moved to a new apartment, drove to Michigan and back again, adopted a kitten, went to DC for the inauguration, entertained 3 sets of visitors, bought a new car, and survived my first (and hopefully last) flight on a commuter plane.

I hope my 2nd year in Florida is full of so many exciting events!

Home :)

2 thoughts on “My Florida-versary!

  1. michelle May 12, 2009 / 2:15 pm

    What a crazy and exciting year for you! It was nice "traveling" with you via your blog. 🙂 Here's to an exciting (but maybe less crazy?) 2nd year!PS – Do you watch Friends? Your title reminded me of the "Anna-Vega-Versary" 😉


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