That’s How I Blog Challenge

As much as I want to join every challenge I see, I am trying to pick and choose carefully. I’m trying to pick challenges that actually align with my 2010 reading goals.  So I think this is going to be the last challenge I sign up for.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been enjoying Nicole from Linus’s Blanket‘s weekly That’s How I Blog interviews with other book bloggers. I’ve also mentioned that there is a 20-min book club at the end up each show. And I think I’ve even mentioned that there is a challenge associated with this. Do you really not know where I’m going with this? (reference anyone?). So here it is in Nicole’s words:

The tweeps have spoken!One of the things that I love about Twitter is that you get to mingle with other book bloggers and fab book people, and you always have the opportunity to get involved- whether it’s in a discussion on the topic du jour or in on the planning stages of the next book event.  The latest on Twitter, it’s a mind reader.

For each That’s How I Blog! show that I do, there is a Twenty Minute Book Club.  I love having the opportunity to discuss what I’m reading with other readers- any chance I get- so I am so excited that this part of the show has been such an overwhelming success.  The idea for a challenge had scurried across my brain and then scurried right on out.  I really wasn’t sure that there would be enough interest, but this past week I logged onto Twitter and found that a challenge had been requested for Twenty Minute Book Club! Fabulous!

Yay! for people wanting to read along with me, since I have bascally committed myself to potentially 52 books next year, guests willing!  Of course, you don’t have to participate at the same level.  There will be five different levels of participation for this challenge, which will run December 29, 2009 until December 29, 2010.

Why This Challenge?

The purpose of this challenge will be to read the books being discussed for the Twenty Minute Book Club portion of That’s How I Blog! It’s a great opportunity to share a reading list with your fellow readers.  In addition to the show there will be a Google Wave for each book we discuss (no cliques here, contact me for wave participation) and twitter discussion with hashtag #20minbc.

Challenge Dates

December 29, 2009 until December 29, 2010. Sign-ups to end on March 29, 2010.

Reading List

Here you will find the most up-to date Reading List for That’s How I Blog!. Check back at the beginning of each month for 4-5 new additions to the list.

Levels of Participation

Once you choose a level of participation you’re locked in- that is unless you want to read more books!- then you can go up a level. :-) (I borrowed that from S.Krishna’s Books, so choose carefully!)

I will post a MckLinky so that you can link to 2009 which you have read and reviewed and want to use as substitutions.  Make sure you get your links up before the end of 2009.

Aluminum Level – 4 Books (2010 Only, No Substitutions)

Silver Level – 13 Books (May substitute 1 book from 2009)

Gold Level –  26 Books (May substitute 4 books from 2009)

Diamond Level – 39 Books (May substitute 7 books from 2009)

Platinum Level – 52 Books (May substitute 10 books from 2009)

Other Stuff

You might want to:

Crossover with other challenges, that is perfectly fine.
Print and unabridged audio books are acceptable.
Participate even if you don’t have a blog- just leave a comment to let me know that you are playing along.
Post reviews on your blog, or e-mail me your thoughts on the book.
Re-read a book that you have read before.
Count a book that you have read before as long as you have a review for it.
Not feel obligated to read the books in any particular order.  You may complete the books at anytime during the year.
Call-in and participate in The Twenty Minute Book Club.
Watch for mini-challenges and the prizes for each category to be announced at the start of the challenge.
E-mail me or leave a comment saying you’d like to be a guest on the show, thereby contributing to the book list.
Ask me lots of questions because I am totally winging this challenge thing.

    You must:

    Have fun!

      Sign Up, yes?

      Link to your post or a post where you mention your intention to join this challenge and your participation level.  You may also include books you have already read and will possibly use as substitutions and/or a list of books that you are particularly looking forward to reading so far.  Easy peasy!

      I am going to join at the Aluminim (4 book) level with hopes that I read more.

      And with that, my 2010 challenge-joining has come to an end (unless of course I find some awesome challenge in the middle of the year).  Now on to challenge reading and living vicariously through those of you who are able to join all the other fabulous challenges.

      4 thoughts on “That’s How I Blog Challenge

      1. Nicole December 17, 2009 / 7:36 am

        I’m glad that you are joining in! Four is a great start!


        • Michelle December 17, 2009 / 9:08 am

          I’m looking forward to it. If there had been a level between 4 and 13, I probably would have done that. But then again, I only read 40-something books this year, so you’re basically getting 10% of my total. 😛


      2. Vasilly December 17, 2009 / 9:08 am

        I signed up for this challenge at the same level. Good luck!


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