I Hope There are Margaritas

I wasn’t going to participate in Bloggiesta this weekend as it’s the last weekend before my husband leaves me for six weeks. But since he’s going to be very busy spending quality time with the television (World Cup), I figured I’d have some time to spend with my computer. I don’t think I’ll be able to spend a ton of time on it, but I’ll do what I can.

I probably will not update with posts, but I will update on Twitter and I have the #bloggiesta hashtag saved so I can follow along with everyone else.

My Bloggiesta goals are:

For my Blog/Reader

  • Register for BBAW
  • Morph my book lists into review directories
  • Go back through old vox posts and fix the alignment of pictures (I will not finish this task but I hope to work on it a little)
  • Organize my reader – I have a system but new blogs tend to have to fight for themselves for awhile
  • Write reviews for the 5 books I recently finished
  • Add reviews/books to Goodreads

For Other Blogs

  • Work on my firm’s blogs/website (I hope my boss sees this)
  • Help my husband set up his new blog

If you want to participate, you can still sign up here.

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