The Little Stranger [Audiobook Review]

The Little StrangerTitle: The Little Stranger
Author: Sarah Waters
Narrator: Simon Vance
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0143144804
Pages: 358
Audio: 15 hours
Year: 2009
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Source: Library
Rating: 2.5/5

My Thoughts:

Ever since Jennifer from The Literate Housewife started raving about him, I have wanted to experience an audiobook narrated by the great Simon Vance. I put a few on hold at the library and The Little Stranger was the first to arrive. Sarah Waters has also been on my list of authors to try and I generally love a good Gothic novel so I was excited to begin.

When Dr. Faraday returns to Hundreds Hall, where his mom once worked as a maid, he becomes endlessly entangled in the lives of the Ayres family. When things start to go wrong – Jib, their the calm dog, attacks a girl, objects move from their normal places, small fires start – Dr. Faraday tries everything to help the family.

Unfortunately, it was not the amazing experience I was hoping for. I thought Vance did a great job with the narration but the story was just too slow for me. It felt like lots of little things were always happening but I kept waiting for more. And at 15 hours, it was a lot of waiting. I can’t really put my finger on what it is that didn’t grab me but something was missing.

I know a lot of other people who loved this book so it may just be me. Have you read it? What did you think?

[Note: I am skipping the “Others’ Thoughts” and “Buy It Now” sections for audiobook week only. They will return soon.]


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4 thoughts on “The Little Stranger [Audiobook Review]

  1. zibilee June 9, 2011 / 3:21 pm

    I have this book on my shelf and I want to get the chance to read it. I am sorry to hear it was not what you were expecting and that the book was mildly disappointing.


  2. Stephanie June 12, 2011 / 11:33 am

    This is the only Waters I really didn’t enjoy all that much. I agree, the pace was just too slow. Definitely give her other books a shot–I loved Affinity, Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet.


  3. Ti June 12, 2011 / 9:29 pm

    I read this one in book form but liked it quite a bit. I liked the slowness… seemed like it matched the lifestyle. On audio though I’d probably be bored to tears.


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