The Fault in Our Stars [Book Review]

“It seemed like forever ago, like we’d had this brief but still infinite forever.
Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” p. 233

Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Genre: Young Adult; Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 0525478817
Pages: 336
Year: 2012
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Source: Library
Rating: 5/5


Hazel is living with cancer. A miracle drug has given her more time, but she knows she is going to die. Her parents force her to attend a support group in hopes that she might get out and live the life she has left, and Hazel goes just for their sake. But there she meets Augustus, a cute boy who has beaten his cancer by giving up a leg. With Augustus, Hazel finally does start to live. But can a relationship survive when death is always on its heels?

My Thoughts:

How have you guys not forced a John Green book upon me before? The writing is just gorgeous. Sure, Hazel and Augustus speak more like philosophy majors than teenagers, but their conversations are some of the best writing in the book, rather than a simple means to move the story forward. At one point, Augustus tells Hazel, “You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” (p. 133). I just melted at that line.

As unrealistic as the dialogue often is, this book is REAL. It is anything but sappy. We see the struggles Hazel and Augustus face in a seemingly impossible relationship where death and illness are prominent subjects. Their pain is actually painful and their happiness, however brief when it comes, made me happy. And I sobbed. And sobbed. And sobbed. It’s a cancer book, however unlike other cancer books it is. Of course it’s going to be sad. But it’s not cheesy and it is SO good.

And for you Young Adult doubters, this is what a YA book can be.

You all need to read this book. John Green has TALENT. I know I am the 2 millionth person to tell you this but seriously. Right now. Go read this book.

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11 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars [Book Review]

  1. Kyle January 30, 2012 / 9:08 am

    Yeah…I need to read this. I know it’s going to be awesome, regardless of me thinking the synopsis doesn’t sound too fantastic. Hopefully the library will get it in for me soon 🙂


  2. Tara January 30, 2012 / 10:51 am

    I cannot wait to read this! I have heard nothing but rave reviews and I can’t get enough of John Green’s writing.


  3. zibilee January 30, 2012 / 12:25 pm

    I almost bought this the other day, and then at the last minute I decided against. Then I saw this explosion on the blogosphere, and thought perhaps I had been too hasty. After reading your review, I know I was, and I will be going out to get this one this week. It sounds so amazing, and your review totally pushed me over the edge. Fantastic post today! Thanks for sharing it!


  4. Nymeth January 30, 2012 / 3:40 pm

    So true about this being the kind of book that makes it hard to dismiss YA. I didn’t find the dialogue particularly unrealistic, but then again I did have pretentious friends as a teen 😛


  5. MsRedPen January 30, 2012 / 5:51 pm

    I’m looking forward to this one. Hope to read it soon.


  6. Melissa January 30, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    I’m so glad you loved it! I’m such a fan of his writing and this book was no exception. He writes in such a beautiful, but accessible way.


  7. Jennie January 30, 2012 / 8:52 pm

    Seriously, this book is almost beyond words it is so amazingly deep and profound.


  8. Alita January 31, 2012 / 1:54 pm

    SO GOOD! So. Good. I love John Green’s writing – the intelligence and humour and emotion – and it shines especially bright in this book. And even though it made me weep nearly uncontrollably, I would read it again in a heartbeat.


  9. Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books January 31, 2012 / 8:09 pm

    This was a “strict on sale date” at the bookshop … customers were clamoring for pub date!

    Here’s where I admit that I have yet to read a John Green book. I know, I know! Where to start!?


  10. lisabeth. December 23, 2012 / 9:20 am

    I absolutely LOVED this book, and one of the reasons I loved it so much was because Hazel, Augustus, and even Isaac were so relatable. I’m… still underage but my friends and I talk like this. Does this make us philosophy majors? I think it really depends on what kind of person you are. I just picked up ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ from the bookstore so hopefully that’ll be just as good. Both David Levithan and John Green? Count me in.


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