The Sunday Salon [5.13.12]

The Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day, moms of the world (or the U.S. at least – but you all deserve celebration). I will be one of you very, very soon. Between baby preparation and organizing the new house (see previous posts this week for some pictures), I haven’t found much time to read anything other than audiobooks. I have had Shine in my possession for almost two weeks and I am still only 100 pages in despite my, to quote Ben, Harry-Potter-level excitement for it pre-release. By the time things settle down and I can read again, I suspect it will be time for the little guy to make an appearance. But this is growing up, right? And on that note, I am ending this brief post to go fold some more baby clothes and paint some more things.

Have you ever had a book that you were crazy excited for and then put off reading once it was released?

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon [5.13.12]

  1. Helen Murdoch May 13, 2012 / 10:53 am

    You must be having so much fun getting ready for the upcoming arrival of your child! Just think, this time next year, you’ll be a mommy on Mother’s Day!


  2. Sandy May 13, 2012 / 10:57 am

    Yes all the time. Because I have ADD. Pandemonium is a perfect example. I have the damned thing since last fall, and it came out over a month ago, but I just now read it. Same with Nesbo’s The Leopard. I was excited at the thought of it, then when I saw how huge it was I got scared. My excitement is always very short-lived. Good luck with all the unpacking. Your little one will be here before you know it!


  3. Kyle @ A Reader's Pensieve May 13, 2012 / 9:30 pm

    Ugh, YES on the putting off reading. I’ve had Insurgent for about a week and am maybe halfway through it. Normally I would just devour that in a day or two, but not this time! Real life is getting in the way and I’m not as excited about it as I thought I was.

    I’m so excited for you and Ben! And soooo curious about the name 🙂


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