Blackout [Book Review]

“Rise up while you can.”

This is the final book in the Newsflesh Trilogy. Please don’t read this review if you haven’t read Feed or Deadline (go read those instead). There are spoilers in the first two book that would really ruin that experience for you. If you’ve read Feed and Deadline proceed. If not, you have been warned.

Title: Blackout
Author: Mira Grant
Narrators: Paula Christensen and Michael Goldstrom
Genre: Fiction; Post-Apocalyptic; Zombie
Pages: 665
Audio: 17.4 hours
Year: 2012
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher
Rating: 4.5/5


Kellis-Amberlee is now transmitted by mosquito. Shaun is immune. George is alive.

Shaun and George, separately, find themselves even deeper in the conspiracy they started to uncover in Feed and Deadline. Not sure who they can trust, they go on looking for the truth.

My Thoughts:

The cliffhanger that Deadline left us with made me incredibly anxious for Blackout. George is alive?! How?! Thankfully, this was addressed quickly in Blackout and I was only left waiting for the inevitable Mason sibling reunion.

There are two reasons this book doesn’t get 5 stars from me like the others. First, it was a little slow during the first half. I felt like they were just kind of wandering for a bit and I was desperate for some answers (though the zombie bear was amusing). Second, the Shaun/George relationship makes me very uncomfortable. Which is the point, I suppose, but I have an adopted brother so I think it makes me feel even more uncomfortable than most.

But other than those qualms, I continue to love this series. I anxiously awaited this finale and I really wan’t disappointed. I am sad to be leaving the Newsflesh World, but I am satisfied.

Audiobook Thoughts:

It was great to have Paula Christensen back as George. We’re on our third Shaun, and I thought Michael Goldstrom did a fabulous job. His Shaun was a little more serious and a little less surfer-dude than earlier incarnations. Which is fitting given how Shaun has changed. One issue I did have with the audio was, because of the structure of the story, Goldstrom narrates for certain characters (like Becks and Mahir) for most of the book. When Christensen eventually takes on those roles, it is a bit jarring because her voices are very different. But, this is really a function of the way the book is written, not narrated.

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3 thoughts on “Blackout [Book Review]

  1. Sandy June 14, 2012 / 7:32 am

    I keep hoping that my library will pick this series up on audio, but so far no luck. I am STEADFAST in waiting, because I’ve heard the audios are so good.


  2. Mitch June 21, 2012 / 4:11 pm

    Between you and Bob (and people in the office), I’m very tempted to start this series. Maybe after listening to THE 500? Great review!


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