I’ve seen a bunch of people doing thirty days of thankfulness. I missed out on this bandwagon, so I am jumping on now and sharing all thirty things I am thankful for at once.

  1. My healthy, happy baby boy.
  2. My husband and everything he does for us.
  3. A job that I find both challenging and rewarding and an employer who respects my new role as a mother.
  4. Our lovely new home.
  5. My family and Ben’s family for showing so much love for Evan.
  6. The existence of audiobooks in a world that limits my time for print.
  7. Christmas music.
  8. Twitter and all of the friends I’ve made there.
  9. Breastfeeding (I may complain about it, but I am grateful that I have been able to do this for E).
  10. Those nights E sleeps through the night, no matter how few and far between they are.
  11. Hair ties.
  12. Ballet flats.
  13. Digital photos.
  14. Technology that lets Evan video chat with his grandparents.
  15. Friends that listen even when I am bragging or complaining.
  16. Airplanes (but I would be even more grateful for some form of rapid transit that did not involve being 30,000 miles in the air).
  17. Baby smiles.
  18. Baby laughs.
  19. Baby snuggles.
  20. My parents for giving me the joy of reading from a young age. I hope I can do the same for E.
  21. Ballet.
  22. Palm trees.
  23. Gatsby and Daisy. Because seeing a cat run into the wall is just what I need sometimes.
  24. Flat irons.
  25. Yoga pants and nursing tanks.
  26. Music.
  27. My new mommy friends, both virtual and in real life.
  28. Health insurance.
  29. A daycare provider who respects our parenting choices.
  30. All of you, my lovely readers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Thankful.

  1. Sandy November 22, 2012 / 10:17 am

    What a nice post! It is a good thing to stop and appreciate everything we have in our lives that is good. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


  2. Lu December 2, 2012 / 1:01 pm

    Love this! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


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