Rapture [Audiobook Review]

Note: This review is spoiler-free for Rapture but assumes you’ve read the previous books in this series.

Title: Rapture
Author: Lauren Kate
Narrator: Justine Eyre
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 464
Audio: 11.7 hours
Year: 2012
Publisher: Listening Library
Source: Personal collection
Book Rating: 4/5
Audio Rating: 4/5


As Lucifer gets closer to erasing history, Luce and the fallen angels are racing around the world to find a way to stop him. Along the way, Luce discovers more about her past, who she is, and where she came from.

My Thoughts:

Rapture is much different than its predecessors. Mostly because we FINALLY get some answers. At times it was hard to understand who was on what side and what their motivations were, but by the end, I felt satisfied.

Luce finds herself in this one. She is strong and confident and everything I hoped she’d be. Sadly, Miles and Shelby aren’t in this one much, but we’re introduced to some new characters that really add to the story.

The book is all action and never slows down. I saw the ending coming by the time it came, but I was still extremely interested in how Luce and Daniel’s story ends. If you’re in the middle of this series, keep going. It gets good.

Audiobook Thoughts:

I read some reviews (and had a conversation with my brother’s girlfriend) about how this series isn’t very well-written. I didn’t notice this, so perhaps audio is the way to go. Sometimes audiobooks exacerbate poor writing, but in this case, I looked right past what others complained about. Or maybe they’re wrong. Either way, I still love Justine Eyre and I am glad I finished this series with her.

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