August 2013 [Monthly Recap]

Time to wrap up September…


Oh my goodness. I felt like I was never going to read a book again for awhile there. It’s been a year since I went back to work and I still haven’t really figured out how to fit reading into the working mom life I seem to have stumbled into.

I read:

None of these jump out to me as a favorite, which may be why August was such a tough reading month for me.

I also reviewed Pure and Eleanor & Park and started the Bloggers Recommend Challenge.


I made it to a class this month. Just one. But a real live ballet class. With plies and everything. And the fall session starts this week, so I am determined to get back.


After struggling through July, I basically gave up in August. When the feels like temperature rarely gets below the 90s, even after the sun goes down, and 5 nights out of 7 end up in thunderstorms, there just isn’t much to be done. I’m frustrated because I was just getting to the point where I could run for a half hour without stopping again and now I know I’ll have to start over. Again. But that seems to be how my running life works.


Only two photo posts this month:

I’ve got the camera on full manual mode all the time now!


(Random thought: When I see the word “mom” and still picture my mom – it’s hard to apply it to myself).

Evan is 15 months old and seems to be learning something new every second. He can point to his head, shoulders, nose, and belly button when asked. He reaches for my hand when he needs help and will take my hand when I offer. He’ll give me a kiss on request. He says a handful of words, but he is wildly inconsistent with all of them except “uh-oh.” Everything used to be “cat.” Now everything is “doggie.” Including the cats. He can go up and down the stairs. He can climb up on the couch and safely get off of it again (we’re still working on sitting rather than jumping once he’s up there though). It’s so much fun watching him figure out the world.

One thought on “August 2013 [Monthly Recap]

  1. Lindsey September 3, 2013 / 1:16 pm

    What a cutie!
    The work/reading/mommy life thing is so difficult. You are certainly not alone in feeling that frustration! I hope September brings you some new favorite books. 🙂


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