TSS: September 2013 Recap

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Quick monthly recap because it’s October 6 so it has to be done but I only have about ten minutes to do it (where does the time GO?). I won’t be linking to old posts like I usually do but I don’t think it’s very hard to scroll back as I haven’t posted much.


Apparently I only read three books in September. Two audio and one print. I knew I wasn’t reading much, but three books? Jeez. But hey, I actually reviewed two of them.


I am back in ballet class and so happy about it. My adult class is actually adults this year and she’s not holding back on us. I am usually hurting for a few days but I just feel home for that hour I get to dance.


I stopped running in August when the heat became unbearable. Then I was doing a different exercise plan so I haven’t picked it back up yet. But I am running a 5k the first weekend in November so I have about 4 weeks to get back in running shape.

Those of you on twitter will have noticed that I just started counting calories (because I can’t stop talking about calories). I’m down 2.4 pounds the first week, which is better than I expected. I am really motivated to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (or at least close) so running will be a huge part of this.


I am still taking photos and my camera is in manual mode 99% of the time. I even went on a photo walk with a bunch of other photographers last weekend. Pictures from that will be up on Wednesday.


E is 16 months old and still an absolute delight. He’s starting to be a real little boy that I can interact with a little and it is amazing. We had a few big “firsts” this month: first hair cut and first trip to the emergency room. E didn’t really enjoy either very much.

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