Catching Up on Family Reads

For awhile, Ben would read out loud while I was nursing Evan before Bed. We made our way through The World of Pooh, Harry Potter, The Little Prince, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I had planned on doing cute little family reviews for each of them, but they just sat there in my drafts for months and months. So here are my quick thoughts on The Little Prince and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I’ve reviewed Harry Potter plenty already):

The Little Prince was weird. Like really weird. I don’t think I understood it. Jen? Can you explain it to me?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just as I remember it. Maybe funnier. Definitely a book I hope to revisit with E when he’s older.

I haven’t nursed Evan before bed in months, so we haven’t started anything new in awhile, but I am looking forward to reading as a family again when E is a little older (readaloud time with an active toddler lasts approximately 45 seconds so we stick to board books).

What books have you enjoyed or do you hope to enjoy with your children?

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